About us

An affiliate of Atheist Alliance International which has links to international organisations like the United Nations and Council of Europe by virtue of its flagship program, Atheist Support Network, Nastik Nation stands for secular values and freethought. Nastik Nation is part of Rationalist Association of India, founded in 1930, the first ever organisation of its kind in India.

Nastik Nation is registered as an organisation under the Literary and Science Trust Registration Act, Travancore-Kochi, 1955; holding the registration number TVM/TC/247/2020.


♥ Nastik Nation conducts seminars, e-meet ups, and get togethers in many places participating prominent speakers and activists who stand for secular values and freethought.

♥ Nastik Nation has created hundreds of original graphic posts, including textual contents over the years which had gone viral worldwide.

♥ These materials have helped in creating a new level in understanding atheism and freethought of India.

♥ Historically prominent Indian atheists and their movements have been promoted which were otherwise not available.

♥ It has translated outstanding atheist promos from all Indian languages into English, so that all educated Indians can read, understand, enjoy and populate them.

♥ Likewise, after getting them in English the readers could themselves translate back to their languages too. An interesting Tamil meme, for instance, can easily be translated to Bengali or Odia if it were available in English, since Tamil is not widely learned in India.

♥ It has been influencing younger generation through its online activism since its beginning.