Secular Fest 2024: A Celebration Secularism and Free Thought

Organized by Nastik Nation

In an age marked by the ascent of religious fundamentalism, the imperative to safeguard secularism, democracy, and constitutional values grows ever more urgent. Nastik Nation, an organization staunchly dedicated to atheism, free thought, and secularism, proudly presents “Secular Fest 2024” as a bastion for championing these cherished principles.

Event Details:

Date: May 12, 2024

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Venue: C. Achyutamenon Hall, Ernakulam

Registration Fee: ₹200 (Includes refreshments and meals)

Contact for Registration and Donation:

  • Phone: 9447137917 (Google Pay)
  • UPI ID: nastik428047@fbl

Program Highlights:

  • Scientific Free Thought Lectures: Engage in enlightening discussions on scientific principles and the ethos of free thought. Explore how rationality and empiricism can guide our understanding of the world, fostering critical thinking and intellectual curiosity.
  • Meeting of Non-Religious Individuals: Connect with kindred spirits advocating for secularism and rationalism. Share experiences and insights, building a community dedicated to promoting reason, evidence, and secular values in society.
  • Arts and Literature Programs: Delve into the nexus of art and secularism through various cultural presentations. Experience how art can serve as a medium for expressing secular ideals and challenging religious dogma, fostering creativity and cultural enrichment.
  • Exhibition of Logical Books: Explore a curated collection of books promoting logical thinking and critical analysis. From philosophical treatises to scientific journals, discover resources that empower individuals to question assumptions, challenge authority, and embrace skepticism.

Featured Speakers:

  • Mridul Sivadas: Oracle’s Aunt (Velichapadinte Kunjamma)
  • Prateesh: Addressing Reservation Superstitions
  • Dr. Sabu Jose: “Planet vs Plastics”
  • Manu: The Founder of Secular Matrimonial – Sharing experiences in promoting secular marriage via social media. Reflect on the role of social platforms in advancing progressive values and challenging traditional norms.
  • Varghese AC and Spouse Lillikutty: Experience of a Secular Family
  • Safia PM: Independent Thinker
  • Srini Pattanam: Eminent Rationalist
  • Tresya N. John: Freethinker
  • Dr. Sarith Kumar: Mixed Marriage Union State General Secretary
  • Raju Vatanapalli: Atheist and Science Writer
  • Mohanlal Keshavan: Senior Rationalist
  • A.C. George and Partner Minnie: Advocating for Secular Family Values
  • Preeti G Nath and Spouse Shaji Kizhakkedath: Promoting Secular Family Dynamics
  • K. Ravindran: State President of Mixed Marriage Family Association

Art / Literary Programs:

  • Mentalist Harindran Pullanchery: Presenting “Mentalism”
  • Jayachandran Thakazhikaran: Folk Song Singer and Drama / Film Actor

Join Us in Promoting Secularism!

Let us unite in our endeavor to uphold secularism amidst the growing influence of religious practices in society. Together, we can dismantle caste and religious divisions, fostering a culture rooted in modern, democratic, and secular values. All are invited to participate and contribute, ensuring the resounding success of Secular Fest 2024!

For Inquiries and Participation, Contact:

  • Phone: 9447137817
  • Phone: 9961957964

Participate and Make It a Huge Success!


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