Congress Faces Backlash When Straying from Nehru’s Economic Theories and Democratic Values, Warns Vetaran Party Leader Cherian Philip at Nehruvian 2023 Seminar by Nastik Nation

Nehruvian 2023 Seminar Highlights Importance of Nehru’s Legacy in Congress’s Development

In a compelling keynote address at the ‘Nehruvian 2023’ seminar organized by Nastik Nation, Cherian Philip emphasized that the Congress party’s recent challenges can be attributed to a collective forgetfulness of Nehru’s contributions.

Philip noted that whenever the Congress distanced itself from Nehru’s economic theories and democratic values, it faced public backlash. Drawing lessons from past experiences, the recent decision at the Raipur AICC session to reshape Nehru’s vision of a welfare state and champion social justice is seen as a promising step.

Cherian Philip further highlighted that Rahul Gandhi has adopted a “messenger of love” approach, aligning with Nehru’s popular style of governance. He expressed concern over the alleged attempts by the BJP and Narendra Modi to diminish Nehru’s socialist-secular ideologies and erase his influence from the pages of history. Accusing the BJP of employing divisive tactics, Philip characterized their actions as a subversive and destructive communal game.

At the Nehruvian 2023 seminar, Sarath Kumar delivered a compelling presentation on the topic ‘Hindutva Politics: A Peril for the Nation,’ while N.S. Santhosh engaged in a thought-provoking discussion titled ‘Answer Is Nehru.’ Mohan Gopal delved into the intricate relationship between ‘Nehru and Constitutionalism.’ The seminar witnessed dynamic participation from esteemed figures such as Dr. Jayakumar, Gopalakrishnan, and Santhosh in the engaging discussions.

The event concluded with a succinct and impactful concluding speech by Kannan Sivaram. Nagesh Charvakam, a respected freethought activist, presided over the entire function, after delivering an impactful keynote address, adding gravitas to the intellectual discourse.



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