The Youth Free Thinkers Festival of Kerala (YFFK 2023) celebrated independent thinking and secular values.

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In Thiruvananthapuram, people from diverse backgrounds united today under the leadership of the Nastik Nation to hold the YFFK 2023 at the University Students’ Centre from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. The event garnered significant attention and proved to be a great success, featuring seminars, lectures, and discussions centered around independent thought and scientific inquiry.

Prominent figures such as Maitreyan, an independent thinker from Kerala, and Manu Manavajathi, the founder of Secular Matrimony, set examples for a secular society and graced the occasion. Other notable personalities also contributed to the festival.

Various engaging topics were presented during the event, reflecting the interests and concerns of the participants:

  • Srini Pattathanam discussed the “Contemporary Relevance of The Independent Thought Youth Festival.”
  • Shaji Kizhakkedath focused on “Dabholkar and the Promotion of Scientific Temper.”
  • Ajesh Madhavan explored “Kathayama – The Science of Myths: From Plane to Quantum Physics.”
  • Ashmi S M addressed “Abuse of Women and Children.”
  • Vellanad Ramachandran shed light on “Independent Approaches to Historiography.”
  • Shobha Lathika delved into the intriguing topic of ‘Men who drink tea and women who drink juice.’
  • Dr Parthasarathy presented the “History of the Creation of Manusmriti.”
  • Dr U Nandakumar investigated the link between “Youth and Public Health.”
  • K T Nishant discussed “The Madness of the Sixth Century Godman,” exposing the founder of Islam.
  • Dr Manoj Vellanad provided fascinating insights into “The Biology of Love.”

These presentations captivated the audience and sparked stimulating discussions. The organizers expressed their gratitude to the speakers, participants, and financial supporters. Special thanks were extended to Shine Kumar for creating eye-catching posters and Ajesh Kumar, founder of Channel 13.8, for capturing the event on video.

The Youth Free Thinkers’ Festival of Kerala (YFFK 2023) serves as a testament to the influence of independent thinking and secular values in fostering intellectual enlightenment and social advancement. Once again, independent thinkers led by the Nastik Nation have underscored the importance of open-mindedness and critical thinking in today’s world.

Setting up the YFFK2023 venue


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