Nastik Nation Secular Fest 2023 Draws Prominent Activists and Enthusiasts for a Grand Success in Thiruvananthapuram

The Nastik Nation Secular Fest 2023 concluded in Thiruvananthapuram with great success, leaving behind an indelible mark on the city’s social and cultural landscape. The event brought together a large gathering of non-religious people, who pledged to work for the secular community and advance their cause.

The event was inaugurated by veteran atheist leader Sreeni Pattathanam, who delivered an excellent opening speech. Pattathanam, a well-known figure in Kerala’s atheist community, spoke about the importance of secularism and the need for non-religious people to come together and work towards a common goal.

Several prominent activists and thinkers, including Srini Pattathanam, Maitreyan, Kanaka Durga, Manu Manushyajathi, Adv. Hidayatullah, D. Yesudas, M. Jayaram, Vellanad Ramachandran, Dr. Sarith, Venu Perumkavu, Painter John Punalal, and Laslie Paul, graced the occasion and enriched the stage with their thoughts, ideas, and creative expressions.

Sreeni Pattathanam, author and activist (General secretary Bharathiya Yukthivadi Sangham)

The highlight of the event was the release of the book “Thoughts of the Unbeliever,” (Aviswasiyude Chinthakal) written by scientist Dr Raghavan Pattathil, which was released by Maitreyan and handed over to Kanaka Durga, a well-known activist associated with the Sabarimala female entry issue. The book addresses various issues related to atheism, rationalism, and skepticism, and is expected to become a valuable resource for non-religious people across the country.

Maithreyan, the prominent rationalist group activist, interacted with a captivated audience at a recent event where he spoke on a range of topics related to secularism and cultural limitations. The event, which was attended by a diverse group of people, provided an opportunity for participants to engage in a meaningful discussion on topics related to the progress of society.

During his speech, Maithreyan touched upon the importance of having a secularist mentality and how it can help in the growth and development of the society. He emphasized that the need of the hour is for people to come together to work towards a common goal, irrespective of their religious beliefs or affiliations.

Maithreyan also spoke about the importance of freeing cultural limitations, particularly with regards to gender polarity. He discussed how traditional cultural beliefs and practices have created an imbalanced society, where women are often relegated to secondary positions. He urged the audience to break free from these cultural limitations and to create a more inclusive and equal society.

The interaction with Maithreyan was a thought-provoking experience for the audience, as they were able to engage with him on important issues that affect their daily lives. His insights on secularism and gender polarity were particularly illuminating and helped to broaden the perspectives of those in attendance.

The event was a success, with participants expressing their gratitude to Maithreyan for sharing his wisdom and insights. It is hoped that such events will continue to be held in the future, providing a platform for open and honest discussions on topics related to society’s progress and development.

Kanaka Durga, a prominent social activist, expressed her views on religion and its impact on society during a public speaking engagement. Speaking to a large audience, she emphasized her firm belief that a society free from the influence of religion is the way forward.

Poet D Yesudas, Secular Matrimony fame Manu Manushyajathi, Poet Unnikrishnan, activist Lezily Paul

She spoke passionately about the dangers of religion and its ability to divide people based on their beliefs. Durga highlighted that regardless of the religion, it can create harmful divisions among people and lead to the marginalization of certain groups.

During her speech, she emphasized the importance of secularism and the need for society to embrace this ideology in order to create a more inclusive and harmonious community. She further elaborated on the idea that freedom from the constraints of religion can lead to greater progress and societal development.

The audience was inspired by Durga’s message and many participants shared their thoughts and feelings on the importance of separating religion from governance and society. Durga’s speech provided a thought-provoking platform for discussion on how we can work towards a more secular future for all.

The platform was shared by social activists Bhumikaran Jeopy and his partner Sreekala, as they enraptured the audience with the tale of their extraordinary journey together.

The Secular Fest received overwhelming support from financial backers, social media promoters, poster designer Shine Kumar, and Channel 13.8, which recorded the event. The participants expressed their gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the event, and promised to continue their efforts towards the betterment and widening of a secular community.

In short, the Nastik Nation Secular Fest 2023 proved to be a powerful platform for non-religious people to come together, share their ideas, and work towards a common goal. The event showcased the growing strength and unity of the secular community in Kerala, and is expected to inspire similar events in other parts of the country.


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