Secular Fest conducted by Nastik Nation peppered the day with colourful events

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To catch up with, and challenge head on, the all pervasive religious festivities and its power to pull the crowds,  Nasik Nation organized an event in the city of Trivandrum, on May Day  naming it the Secular Fest. The fest was arranged at a scenic location and one of the most sought-after tourist attractions of the State, Veli Tourist Village in Trivadrum, a place well known for artistic sculptures and its placid lagoons.

Mythreyan, the de facto philosopher of a secular Kerala and Kanaka Durga, who made history by entering Sabarimala Temple together with a more famed female colleague, Bindu Ammini – while no female was allowed to enter it – became the focal points of the event.  Manu Manushyajathi, the founder of the well accomplished Secular Marriage social media platforms in Kerala, now a very popular enterprise towards creating secular families, also took part in the event with his living-together partner.

Sreeni Pattathanam, the veteran atheist luminary, kicked off the event by describing the importance of celebrating life in a secular format.   He pointed out the fact that celebrations had been taken away from common people by religious fanatics making life even more difficult for the rest of us. He insisted that it was time we set in for a retake.

Mythreyan, a crowd pulling speaker, philosopher and activist in his own terms, who had  initiated the drive to form workers union for the sex workers in this part of the world for the first time, engaged the audience throughout the session. He insisted that secular celebrations should become the order of the day, creating more space for a peaceful transition towards a peaceful secular life. He asked the audience to break the tradition in every respect of it.

Secular pop singer, Reju Sivadas Sapiens enthralled the audience with sharing his experience as a secular artist and singer. He sang one of his numbers and thrilled everyone in the audience.

Vellanad Ramachandran, a remarkable and well accomplished local historian, who had made his name into Limca Book of Records,  led the audience into the double standards for the local history; from where, according to him, real work of history  should come out. He remarked that more often than not, the natives, who had really made history, were overlooked and pushed down into oblivion. He also mentioned , taking a leaf from Kanaka Durga, that the deity of Sabarimala Temple by no means was a Kerala based local god, it was the god of the adjacent State, Tamil Nadu. The traders and smugglers of Tamil Nadu built this temple to protect their interests. He mocked out on Sabarimala that the question of celibacy and female banning were a hoax.

Sreelakshmi Arackal, a youthful and outspoken feminist and social critic charged the audience with interesting thoughts on sex, patriarchy, and her own impressive experience and encounters with the two.

Shaji Kizhakedath  made the venue even more engaging and educative  installing an expansive and brand new ‘Secular History Exhibition’. His show distilled the entire secular and renaissance crossroas in the state into a few dozens of displays.

Senior secularist and an accomplished academician, Sreekumar Vicharabindu, addressed the session with his long time involvement in creating a religion free life. He said that although he came from a respectable and the so-called high caste extended Nair family, he never bothered about it. Having married a christian girl who also became an accomplished academician later on, and raising their children in a manner that they themselves never gave a damn to religious sentiments, he had been breathing secularism every moment in his life . All of the couple’s children married persons from other religeons, including Islam. Being a grandfather he will often be asked about his religion by his grandchildren. He would proudly say that he is just secular or a human. 

Prof. Sreekumar Vicharabindu, the senior secularist

Abitha from the website provide the participants with free registration counter for the services the organisation she represented offered.  

Sivadasan Pillai offered the session the opportunity to donate organs and bodies and break away from the traditions and religious rituals.

Most of the audiance memebers took part in the discussions and question and anwer sessions of every speaker. The event found many from the audiance sharing his/her own experieces and suggestions. Some sang a popular film song using karaoke on their mobile phone. Some craked a joke and stole the thunder from the speakers themselves.

After breaking into a hilarious lunch hour, the participants engaged in one-on-one interactions and respected the day in the rightful manner it asked for.  The participants dispersed themselves into tourist locations out there and pulled down the curtain on the event.

Shine Kumar videographed  the Secular Fest in addition to creating stunning promo visuals for the event for the social media and other online and offline adverting platforms. 

The orgainsing team thanked the officials at the Veli Youth Hostel, who prepared the location as well as the food for the event.     


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  1. I am Sreekumar Vicharabindu, one among the participants, but totally forgotten, to make a mention in the above briefing, perhaps I might have been an out of place person. If so beg pardon with you all. While projecting personalities be very much careful not to wound up right persons who are out spoken and reasonable and rational.

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