Secular Fest ’22 – a signature secular gettogether initiative by Nastik Nation 

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It is the duty of every secular mind to preserve secularism in his/her society that is moving towards becoming a religious nation by holding countless religious festivals. Religious festivals and celebrations mark the daily life here, more often than not; maring the same: with the unexpected traffic blocks in otherwise orderly national and state highways, and uncontrollable as well as unquestionable polluting of air, water and environment across the nation on a devastating level, not to mention the mental illness caused by sound pollution on a daily basis from every place of worship you live nearby.  

According to the latest United Nations’ World Happiness Report, secular countries are top on the happiness scale,  Finland being the first. Our country, with its newly found rigorous religious affiliation, is ranked so poorly with a shameful 136th position.    

The Happiness Report shows that secular societies are completely different from religious communities in the structure and quality of lives there. Religions promise posthumous happiness,  but in contrast causing conflicts, terrorist attacks and insecurity in the name of god, which are  widespread in their  societies. Meanwhile in secular societies people move forward peacefully just by celebrating life on this very earth.  

It is more than evident that people live happily in modern democratic societies that are secular and liberal, with scientific outlooks, unlike in societies ruled by religions and gods.

Nastik Nation is conducting a secular event in Thiruvananthapuram titled “Secular Fest – ’22”, which proposes to secular minds to come out in open and celebrate life in a secular format. We have lots of religious celebrations, then why not a secular one too? Not to pose a threat to religious ones, but to show off ourselves that such a thing too is possible.

On May 1, 2022, Sunday at 10 am in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
(At the Veli Tourist Center)

Registration and joining fee: ₹185 (includes FREE morning tea and snacks, lunch, and evening tea and snacks)

Highlights of the event:

~ Meeting of non-religious people ~
~ Art and Literary Events ~
~ Visit to nearby tourist attractions ~

The event will be inaugurated by veteran rationalist activist in India, Sreeni Pattathanam, Vice-chairman of Rationalist Association of India.

Link to registration for participation :



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