ISIS agents’ plot to assassin Jamitha Teacher.

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The young women, Misha Siddique and Shifa Harris, who were nabbed by the police in Kannur in Kerala yesterday are learned to have ISIS connection. Misha Siddique and Shifa Haris have made public appeal to assassin Jamitha Teacher, an ex-Muslim who became a popular YouTuber, thanks to her vehement and outrageous Islam criticism. The investigation agency has collected ample evidence for the plot to kill Jamitha. The women who are in police custody had allegedly made provocative public exhortations to silence people like Jamitha who gave a strong voice against ISIS on social media and elsewhere.

A trainer at a gymnasium in Kannur was too on their hit list apart from Jamitha.  Misha Siddique has very close ties with ISIS. They were operating under the direction of Muhammad Ameen alias Abu Yahya who was taken into custody by NIA in March.

It also surfaced that these women had taken an anti-India stand on Kashmir issue about a few months ago.  These two women have formed a ‘special task team’ in a foreign country and returned to India quite recently. They have started groups on social media in order to attract youths to ISIS. To this end they have started several groups on Telegram and Instagram to spread ultra-religious ideology, and they controlled these groups so closely. Interestingly, they have very carefully avoided platforms like Facebook and taken very much care not to share their own photos and personal details on any of the online places.  

Shifa Harris who worked for ISIS later became its spokesperson. Muhammed Ameen alias Abu Yahya who was arrested in March has been the master-brain of ISIS in south India for many years. 


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