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The photo below is from the fourth edition of textbook of forensic medicine and toxicology written by Dr PC Ignatius. It is an awesome book in almost all areas but very pathetic in terms of gender identity and sex orientation [the given image is a apart of female homosexuality dealt in his book]. He says its a perversion practiced in Lesbos. In 1990’s itself it was said by WHO that homosexuality is not a mental disorder or perversion. So, quoting lesbianism as perversion by a medical professional itself is violation of human rights, which is banned by all medical forums. Then he gives a sexually coloured remarks on how lesbians involve in sexual contact.

He even mentions simple to deep kiss, manual manipulation of breasts and genitalia, oral sex and usage of dildos. No medical teacher should deal homosexuality in such a perverted manner as heterosexuality is not dealt anywhere. And one couple may use any of these and no medical teacher or lay person can guess what a couple opt in a relationship. He says in textbook that many lesbians are masculine in type because of endocrine dysfunction and are indifferent to opposite sex. It is such a derogatory and unscientific writing. Homosexuality is not a disease and human sex orientation is not a result of any disease or endocrine issues. Dr Ignatius even says lesbianism is seen is women hostels, nymphomaniacs and over attached girls. This is also very derogatory. Even the textbooks of 60’s in foreign world says association of homosexuality and secluded places should be avoided. He even says lesbians are very jealous and due to this they may even commit suicide or homicide. We can not find a study to stand his points.

As a forensic medicine expert he and those who helped him develop this textbook have failed to great extent to develop constitutional morality in future doctors, instead what they have done is reinforcing religious morality which is very unscientific in a textbook which has to be of sound scientific knowledge enriched medium. In fact this entire portion has no truth or honesty to medical science and it has no integrity in terms of human rights It violates constitution of India’s article 14/15 which asks for equality. It violates UN declaration of human rights which allows enjoyment of human rights by all.

By Dr Veena JS, MD, Forensic Medicine

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