Kerala’s new minister makes fun of the superstition ‘Unlucky #13’ ; accepts his official car with #13

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When P Prasad, the new elected minister of Kerala, was asked to comment about his being allowed the use of an official car with the so called unlucky number 13, he fired the gun precisely. And his words went viral on social media. Here is how Prasad reacted to the Television channel’s news anchor :

“Newspapers are being printed on 13th of the month, aeroplanes take off and babies are being born the same day, and nobody finds anything wrong with it anywhere. Yet people continue believing in this nonsense even today in the 21st century in which some people send rockets to Mars. You can find a queue of Mangal Yaans and Curiocitys on Mars just as we have a long queque of autorikshas at an auto-stand.

“They say that when Mars looked down from afar on some people on earth, their marriages were prevented from taking place. What meaning does this unlucky ’13’ hold, in a day and age when we send rockets to the Mars?

“Now we can make lambs from the genes of sheep. And superstitions like this have no basis in a world where people are making truly great scientific breakthroughs.

“We (sworn-in new ministers) only need to care and fear the people who elected us to power. Superstitions like this have no foundation. When fixing official vehicles for ministers, some pointed out the issue of having No.13; and I myself offered to pick up that number. I have received this number and I am quite satisfied and happy with it.”

The new government in Kerala, led by Pinarayi Vijayn has most atheist ministers who sworn-in not in the name of God, but taking a “serious enough”pledge which had no room for any gods. All the CPI(M) ministers followed suit, barring one woman minister, Veena George.


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