The winking peddler of fake remedies who announced Tulasi leaves can block radiations!

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I remembered this incident when I saw the comments of a TV anchor about our own cartoonist Satish Acharya. I think it was years ago when Siddaramiaha had gone to a temple near Mangalore after eating fish for lunch. This Hindu temple has a huge income and is owned by a Jain! It was a Sunday and I was driving to Shimoga. We usually take a break at Someshwar and eat the famous neer dosa of the bus stand hotel and during that I got a call on the way from a TV channel asking me to come to their Mangalore studio. I told them that I was travelling and they asked me where I was going and I said Shimoga. They said I should go to their studio there.

When I went there, little had I realized that I was intended to be the sacrificial goat but what happened later proved otherwise! The anchor (I think the same one who was attacking Satish Acharya) started his remarks with- though his show was not on on Sundays, he had it because of the deeply disturbing, earth shaking catastrophic event that had happened! It was that the then CM Siddharamiaha had gone to a temple after eating fish. Then he pounced on me. He said though you are an atheist we are tolerating you. I said who is that we? He said we Hindus, I asked him whether he had been given a GPA by all Hindus or they had elected him as their sole representative. He changed the topic and asked me whether I will go to Saudi Arabia and say there is no god. I asked him whether he would go there and do a Ganeshotsav there. He said why I am asking him to go there. I replied asking him why he was sending me? He said I am an Indian and I said so am I and as an Indian I have every right to be an atheist!

The cartoon that depicts Dr Narendra Nayak

Then he asked me whether I would go to that temple after eating fish. I said I would not go there at all so the question does not arise! The next question was whether it was right for Siddaramiaha to go there after eating fish. I said that is his business not mine. Of course the harangue went on for an hour with my not giving in a mm in my space! I also kept reminding him that the owner of the temple was not Hindu and could see him squirming because he too had probably never thought of that. Here is a superb cartoon made by Satish Acharya in November,2019 when I had taken on the winking peddler of fake remedies who had announced grandly at Udupi that tulasi leaves can block radiations!

By Dr Narendra Nayak

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