Freethinker from Kerala faces death penalty in Dubai jail as he is trapped into blasphme charges

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Abdul Khadar Puthiyandadi was a popular YouTuber in Kerala, and used to release videos and blogs regarding the increasing Islamist terrorist plots in Kerala and other parts of the world. He is a freethinker who has often supported secular causes, for well over a decade. He was one of the early respondents who warned the people of Kerala about the secret Islamist terrorist cells in Kerala, explaining that they wanted to overthrow the secular structure of the state, supported by funds channeled through international terrorist networks.

He received many threats from extremists in the state and was warned sternly to stop speaking out against Islam. But he dismissed all threats and continued denouncing the dangers of Islamic terrorists. This provoked the groups even more.       

Puthiyangadi from Kerala faces death penalty in Dubai jail as he is trapped into blasphemy charges in UAE by agents of Islamic terrorist groups

He has been employed in Dubai, UAE for the last 2 years and never took to expressing his views on religion, for he knew this would not be accepted in a country like the UAE. But his opponents in Kerala saw the advantage of having him in a country such as the UAE. Large numbers of people from Kerala work there, and it was not difficult for them to find collaborators to trap Puthiyangadi.

Abdul Khadar Puthiyangadi

The agents of the conspiracy threatened his life, harassing him both in person and over the phone, because of his past remarks on Islam and Islamic terrorism. He filed a complaint with the Dubai police regarding these incidents. The Dubai police advised him to move to a safer place.

Now the Islamic groups have collected his previous videos from YouTube and edited them, adding Arabic subtitles with the intention of portraying him as a wrongdoer and nudge him towards more severe charges of blasphemy. They succeeded in this attempt with the support of the henchmen in Dubai where they managed to file charges of blasphemy against him.

On behalf of the freethinkers of Kerala we urge the world to immediately act and help save his life.


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