Humani ’21 by Nastik Nation in Pathanamthitta

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Nastik Nation held a one day seminar in Pathanamthitta on 11 April, 2021 strictly observing Covid 19 Protocol. The entry was restricted to just 30 persons. About nine speeches had been made by nine different speakers on a variety of subjects. The seminar was commenced at 1.00 pm and ended at 7.00pm sharp.

Rishi Kumar presented a speech on he subject Hindutwa politics and its Ill effects on our social life and beyond. Sreeni Pattathanam, a well known activist and general secretary of Bharatheeya Yukthivadi Sangham and Vice Chairman of Rationalist Associations of India (RAI) described the remarkable history of Kerala’s rationalist movements of yesterdays. Dr Sabu Jose, an expert of science and future technology presented the topic Top 10. Gayathri C N made a brilliant and in-depth narrative on godmen and the trap they make in a manner that is disrupting the harmony of our society.

Kureepuzha Vincent came up with the history’s untold injustice on ancient free thinkers with the topic “The hands that burned down Nalanda”.

Teen orator Arjun Sooraj, a burgeoning science kid of Kerala, explained the things that led to the developments of stars in our multiverse.

Dr Sabu Jose, Arjun Sooraj, Sreeni Pattathanam, Pratheesh B, Gayathri CN, Rishi Kumar, Kureephzah Vincent and Manoj Lal speak at Humani ’21

Pratheesh B made a detailed presentation on collective social mind and its sense of morality versus individual life, its moral obligations and clashes between the two in social engagements.

Manoj Lal, general secretary of Indian Rationalist Association’s Kerala Chapter, engaged the audience with the subject “Essence of Rationalism”.

Charvakam Nagesh, genenral secretary of Nastik Nation dwelved into the depths of the revolutions of faith-matters.

The whole event will be sequentially cast by Channel 13.8 on YouTube on a later date.

Humani ’21, Pathanamthitta


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