Harari 2021 : Nastik Nation’s one day seminar in Palakkad

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Harari 2021, the seminar conducted by Nastik Nation in Palakkad took place on April 11, 2021. In the talk session four speakers shared their views on differing subjects. Psychiatric expert and a leading authority on the subject in Kerala, Dr Jostin Francis made a brilliant presentation on mind and its magical ways, that cause many personality disorders and mental illnesses.
Sharon Sapiens presented the topic “The Prophet of Mercy” in which he exposed the Islamic myths concerned with prophet Mohammed. Haridasan talked about Baba Sahed Ambedkar and the circumstance that let him to embrase Buddhism. He explained that Ambedkar rejected all the superstitions in the modern Buddhism and what Ambedkar accepted was Buddha’s original thoughts and takings on humanity.
Leo Varun discussed the issues of Cults and its dangerous aftermath in the people who are part of it. He mentioned that cultism had led people to the extend of committing mass suicides.

The program was held at SV Hall in Olavakkode, Palakkad.

Poster of Harari 2021
Leo Varun and Manoj doing the poster campaign in Palakkad town


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