View 2021 : One day seminar by Nastik Nation in Kollam

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Nastik Nation in association with Channel 13.8 conducted a seminar in which prominent intellectuals in Karala participated, including nastik poet Kureepuzha Sreekumar. The event was held at Jawahar Bala Bhavan in the city on 17 January, 2021

Kureepuzha Sreekumar, who is a well appreciated poet and secular activist, presented a topic on Mahabharata being a secular literature, not a religious one as the common view imposed on us. He elaborated many occasions in Mahabarata whereby a reader could find it was written not to glorify Lord Krishna, but rather to reveal his weaknesses, blunders, miseries, and mistakes. The object of the mahakavi was to show the utter uselessness of war anywhere in the world and in anytime.

Promo poster of the event “View 2021”

General Secretary of Bharatheeya Yukthivadi Sangham, Sreeni Pattathanam, spoke on the origin of rational movement in Kerala and its spectacular stride into the present Kerala. Dr Parthasarathy made an excellent presentation about the sacrifices and selfless devotion of the Mopla community of Kerala whom the right wing Hindutwa politics always tried to over look or belittle. Psychiatric consultant Thresya N John expressed her views on religious influence on children who otherwise might be growing with healthy secular and irreligious views and values.

Manoj Lal, a social observer, shared many advantageous of secular marriages, and its power to change our society on par with advanced countries in the West and elsewhere. Seetha Lakshmi, a burgeoning speaker of atheism and freethought, attacked the current Hindutwa administration threadbare with the daring topic Achche Din.

Manu Prasad presented an amazing and interesting topic “the Bloody Athiests” in which he ridiculed the stands taken by the so-called neo-nastiks in Kerala, who had neither social outlook nor deep level national goals.

Magician Shiju Manohar’s magic show was an attempt to reveal the vulnerability of human mind to accept illusions for a fact, which could be exploited if people were not aware about it.

The seminar ended with a panel discussion on the off-beat movie The Great Indian Kitchen that showed the gender inequality of the contemporary society in a rather crude fashion. The discussion was participated by K T Nishanth, Seetha Lakshmi and Manu Prasad.

Sreeni Pattathanam
Clockwise : Magician Shiju Manohar, Dr Parthasarathy, Seetha Lakshmi, Thresya N John, Poet Kureepuzha Sreekumar, Manoj Lal and Manu Prasad.
Kureepuzha Sreekumar
Magician Shiju Manohar at the magic show

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