Veteran rationalist Ravipudi Venkatadri receives Dr A T Kovoor National Award

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AT Kovoor National Award that was instituted in memory of Dr Abraham T Kovoor  – a path breaking and most popular atheist and rationalist of India, Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the subcontinent in the 70’s and 80’s – will be given to the legendary rationalist,  humanist activist and writer Ravipudi Venkatadri.   The prestigious award initiated by Bharatheeya Yukthivadi Sangham has been received by megastar Kamal Hassan and entrepreneur Kochauseph Chittilappally, founder of V-Guard Industries and Wonderla, in the previous years.

The award committee that included Dr E V Usman Koya, Prof Ramanujan and Dr P Raghvan decided the award for the current year be presented to Ravipudi on his 100th birthday at the Radical Humanist Centre located at Inkollu, his  hometown  in Andhra Pradesh, considering his advanced age and Covid-19 related travel restrictions.

AT Kovoor National Award Winners. From left to right : Ravipudi Venkatadri, Kamal Hassan and Kochauseph Chittilappalli.

The award committee has taken into account Ravipudi’s very long and outstanding contribution to the cause of humanism and secularism by virtue of his works and writing for the same which he began as a youngster and is continuing till date.  

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