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Lots of physicists and cosmologists are working deeply to understand the Universe. But here this Scientifically illiterate Sadguru Jaggy Vasudev [who has PhD in Pseudoscience] is so busy making people ignorant. Whenever scientists discover or understand something, instant claim by Sadguru will be “Adi-Yogi knew this!” which is extremely funny.  He is just playing with words, worse is people are blindly believing him.

If Yogi Science knew everything, then why not he can tell this is what going in the Universe, this is how it formed, this is how it evolved? …. But he says, Guru doesn’t tell anything, only he can teach you the methods to find all answers!  It shows he is just interested in cheating public!

This insane Sadguru is directly attempting to turn the minds of modern youth back to the Indian stone age of pseudoscience and superstitions. 

I can list few idiotic Pseudoscience claimed by sadguru,

# “Black holes is Shiva linga”

# “Solar flare has effect on human consciousness”

# “solar and lunar eclipse effect on human body”

# “During full moon day human consciousness is getting affected”

# “Ancient Indians knew about Higgs Boson just by doing yoga (what they called Yogi Science)”

# “We don’t need LHC to study particle Physics, by yoga one can understand modern Physics”

# “The structure of the water molecules can be changed through thoughts!”

# “Both micro Universe (quantum mechanics) and macro Universe were made in same way, if we understand macro Universe by yoga then we will understand micro Universe”

# “Modern Physics validates Hindu Vedic beliefs”

# “There is no other science which is as largely applicable as Yogic Science, Even Physics”

# “Consumption of mercury is very much a part of yogic practice”

# “By Yogi Science one can make solid mercury in room temperature”

One can easily disprove all these claims with just some basic sciences. It is surprising that how much bullshit he has!

So, my kind advice for all my fellow citizens of planet Earth is “Keep learning and asking questions of yourself and others, Instead of blindly believing these kind of psychotic gurujis”.

Technology has no quality of its own. How we use it is what makes or breaks. – Guruji’s Tweet

To those who don’t know what Science really is, here’s my short answer.

In science we constantly open to the possibility of having to change our minds and science proceeds by progressive refinement and changing minds. And there are things that I suppose we’ll never be disproved things like that the planets orbit the Sun, evolution, and so on.

One of the great things about science, is that it’s an entire exercise in finding what is true. If one has a hypothesis, he/she needs to test it and get a result. A rival of him/her double checks it, because they think he/she might be wrong. They perform an even better experiment than he/she did.  And they find out, “Hey, this experiment matches! Oh my gosh. We’re on to something here!” And out of this rises a new, emergent truth.

It does it better than anything else we have ever come up with as human beings. This is science. It’s not something to toy with. It’s not something to say, “I don’t believe in science” You don’t have that option!.

“Good thing about Science is, it is true whether or not you believe in it”

By Hariprashad Ravikumar

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