Baba’s bogus remedy for Covid: Prof Dr Narendra Nayak urges govt to intervene

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Prof Narendra Nayak, president of Federation of Indian Rationalists Associations (FIRA) – a prominently established union of various progressive and free-thought organizations in India – has urged the government to take appropriate action against the celebrity guru who was bent on selling false medicines at the cost of lives of millions of people when the country is rather reeling under a lethal pandemic. Here is the full text of Dr Nayak’s appeal to the Central government:

While the scientific community all over the world is working hard in search of a vaccine and a proven line of treatment, the so called yoga guru and his associate have found an alleged cure for the same that too ‘scientifically validated’. One wonders as what that science is by which a 100% cure is claimed by a so called study on a few hundred patients. And according to his claims the cure is 100% in seven days and 69% in three days a revolutionary discovery indeed worthy of a Nobel Prize. While it is easy to make such claims for diseases which are self limiting, the real efficacy of the concoctions would be in saving the 5% of the infected and since almost everyone is going to be so, this would amount to around 7 crores of the population.

Dr Narendra Nayak has been debunking claims of divinity, superstitions, blind-faith and exposing god-men for a long time

While such claims would be laughed off anywhere else in the world, in India nothing will be done. This sorry state of affairs is going to cause chaos all over the country because of the big following of this man will ensure that his word will be taken at face value and the population at large is going to ignore all suggestions of physical distancing, protection using masks or hand washing due to the belief that this would cure them of the illness if they are infected. That too the claim that these will cure is a bold one different from those of the sugar pill vendors and grandmother soup ingredient dispensers, who would always say vaguely that their nostrums would build up things like ‘immunity’ etc.

We suggest that since his medicine claims 100% cure both of them take bottles of their own preparations and spend a week in the Covid 19 wards of any government hospitals in Delhi personally dispensing them to the patients without any PPE!

The already overburdened health services are going to be overwhelmed if this happens and the country is going to be in a sorry state. Though the ministry of AYUSH has already issued a directive that no such ads are allowed, the said people seem to be above such laws.
Hope the central govt will take immediate action to stop such activities to contain the spread of the viral infections.

The Federation of Indian Rationalists Associations strongly condemns such attempts to spread superstitions among the people.

Narendra Nayak
President, Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations

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