Kerala Christian fanatics barge into the house of freethinking Justin V S, abuse and attack him

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Christian fanatics break into the house of Justin V S, a remarkable freethinker and speaker from Kerala, and they attack him subsequently in the presence of his parents, one of them is bedridden after a surgery.  

This alarming incident happened yesterday evening around 7:30. Justin V S is a new star in the horizon of freethinking Kerala, who is delivering speeches at various freethought and atheist forums across Kerala.  Last night a group of twenty odd religious fanatics barged into his house and attacked him both verbally and physically. The offenders were provoked by a troll that the youthful Justin posted on his social media account.  

The attackers did not mind that Justin’s mother was bedridden in the house who was just discharged from the hospital after a complicated surgery. While the attack was taking place Justin’s father was also in the house. The religious extremist didn’t care to wear a mask on their faces and keep social distancing at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic spreading fast in the country. They were drunk and bad-mouthing everyone in the house, and physically attacked the young orator of Kerala.

It is very noticeable that during the same time the pandemic hit, more than a couple of Christian priests had been involved in sexual offences on young married women that happened right inside the churches they served. No fanatic followers of the faith cared to question the priests who did it, leave alone the question of attacking them verbally and physically as they did on Justin.

The double standard of the same people who ignored priests who misused the churches to have sex with the parish women among other sins, choose the path of violence when it came to a troll that they felt not good for their faith.

There is a strong feeling that the State police should nab the culprits who violated all the public safety norms of the pandemic time, in addition to attacking the entire defenseless family of Justin V S; and justice should be served to Justin who has been attacked and victimized with threatening of life.

While contacted over the phone Justin V S told Nastik Nation that it was not for the first time he had been intimidated by faith fanatics. He added that he had faced their fury several times in the past and that his family had also been threatened for his speeches and blogs which criticized Christian faith.

The young and outstanding speaker who hailed from mid-Kerala mentioned that the gang that found him hostile had members with criminal background. Justin, the young activist who gave a clear voice for articulating irrationality and myths in Christianity, is scared he could anytime be subject to the attack of the religious manic with the support and substance of criminals that the church there knowingly support.

Stand with Justin V S who has been targeted by Christian extremists.

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  1. We all support Justin for his courage to stand up for the truth. Failing to face with the universal truth-speaking wise men, the religious fanatics begin to attack such right people.

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