In the time of massive protest against racist police brutality in America, you must read Vivekananda who glorified the caste system

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One must re-visit Vivekananda in the time our world witnesses racist hatred of enormous scale once again. The most respected and influential guru India saw glorified the caste system and ignored to see the evil it was, of course deliberately. His malicious views on caste system have never been a matter of discussion on the main stream media even today. He was at the forefront to support the evil this land suffered for thousands of years.

His whole life was dedicated to selling an appealing bottle the content of which was poison that is caste based on Manusmriti.  

Yes, Vivekananda was against anyone who fought caste system, because fighting caste system was fighting against Bhrahmins, who according to him gods on earth.

Against the background of racist brutality in USA and the world over we need to bring those political and the so called spiritual leaders of the bygone era to more light to see what colour their prisms filtered.

Follow the below link to read his caste quotes.

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