Chief Minister of Kerala turns a role model for parents in a country that hack their children to death if they marry out of caste

In India chances are that you will be killed by your own parents or a close relative if you marry a girl or boy not of your caste or religion. This genre of tragic incidents occurs every corner of our country so often that it has even became unimportant news piece of late. Some sadgurus keep advising us that caste is not evil, it is good for our society despite having such a trail of deaths.

Kerala’s Chief Minister’s daughter Veena is getting married to Muhammed Riyas, who is the President of DYFI, the youth wing of Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Some in the social media who are ardent orthodox apologists are annoyed at this news and filling their timeline with malicious contents like love-jihad, minority appeasement politics and the likes.

Many in the social media also point out that inter-religious and inter-caste marriage are not a rare thing with the Left ideology parties in Kerala. The cases they cite are many.

A K Gopalan, also known as AKG, who had been from an upper caste Hindu community, married Suseela Gopalan who came from a lower caste, though it provoked some caste-Hindus at the time of their marriage. K R Gowri who is the legendary leader of left movement in Kerala got married to T V Thomas, who belonged to  Christian faith.  

The Communist party has more such inter-faith and inter-caste cases of marriages that happened recently too.

The previous Member of Parliament from Palakkad, M B Rajesh married the daughter of Rasheed Kanichery, Ninita Kanichery. The State Secretary of DYFI, AA Rahim is married with Amrita, who is a Hindu. The president of SFI, the student wing of the party of the Chief Minister, got married with Gatha, and it is an inter-faith marriage.

Now the wedding of Veena with Riyas is the latest that loosened some sections of the people online and otherwise to run wild with caste and religious hatred.

Happy married life, Veena and Riyas.


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