The Spectrum of Atheism – If you were to grade your beliefs on the Dawkins scale, who you would be?

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Grade your theism-atheism polarity with Dawkins Scale

Richard Dawkins popularized the idea of a spectrum of theistic probability in his book, The God Delusion. In it, there are actually seven positions to hold:

  1. Strong theism, which asserts that the believer knows without a doubt there is a God.
  2. De facto theism, where believers are not 100 percent sure that God exists but consider it very probable and live their lives as though he does.
  3. Weak theism, where a believer isn’t wholly certain but leans toward belief in a deity.
  4. Pure agnostic or complete impartiality, where the likelihood of a god’s existence is just as likely to be true or false.
  5. Weak atheism, where an individual isn’t certain whether God exists but is inclined toward skepticism.
  6. De facto atheism, where a person is not wholly positive that God does not exist but considers it very improbable and lives his/her life as though there is no deity.
  7. Strong atheists, who believe with 100 percent certainty that there is no deity.

According to Dawkins, position six is more common than seven among atheists. If you were to grade your beliefs on the Dawkins scale, what would be your class?


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