Another priest found doing sex in church seducing married parish woman

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A few weeks ago the media in Kerala reported an incident of parishioners finding their priest in the church altar doing sex with a married woman under the cover of the lockdown. It seems that there are many priests who are yet to be found in the same room.

A priest in one of the churches under Thamarassery (Tellicherry, corrupt English and colonial name) archdiocese in Kerala used his church to bed a women. As it was going on for days unnoticed, eventfully this came to light when the locals caught him doing his unholy missionary. On this he locked up his room in the church and hurried to a hiding.

Father Mathew Mullappallil, also known as Father Shibu, hailing from Ulikkal at Kalanki is the priest who ran away fearing the ire of his own parishioners.  

It has been learned that the parishioners had caught him red handed about two years ago with the same woman. It turned out that the lockdown provided them a lease of fresh opportunities again.

Another vicar was caught the same way before this incident thanks to a mobile phone technician repairing the vicars mobile phone found self-shot act of sex videos by the couple itself involved in it.  This time the parishioners picked out the new couple while they were doing the not-so-holy act at the church. The first priest neglected to lock his mobile phone, the latter the window of  his room.  

Meanwhile the employer of the woman, Paul Ambiloth received a phone call from the priest imploring to him that though he made a mistake, he want to save his career and his holy cloak, breaking into tears.

Even though the vicar begged for pardon, it didn’t work that way, as the locals made it a breaking news already. They also leaked the videos and the sound of the act someone recorded on this.   

When the priest found that the whole thing sprang out of his control, he pushed a message to the parish WhatsApp group which read he won’t be available for some days and disappeared to nowhere in his private car.  

When the parish people come to the church to get the service of the priest for a burial, they could not find him and were clueless regarding the whereabouts of him. They tried to reach him on his phone, which was switched off. They were left with no choice other than getting a retired priest nearby to perform the funeral mass.

Some sources say that the last controversial priest has been kept in a secret place at Chulli parish of Kasaragod district dubbing it a transfer in duty. Kasaragod district is a safe place for those priests who commit such sins, as one more priest has been given a safe place by the senior priests themselves as recently as last month.

If the clergy finds it difficult to provide safe locations in Kerala to those priests who were caught in act, the next choices would be places in Faridabad, a far way parish in northern India.

It is not so secret that Thamarassery archdiocese has more priests and church officials who went the hell way.

Biju Karingalikattil, of Karivedakam, Youth-wing Coordinator of Thalassery Diocese who eloped with a nurse, his own brother did the same thing with a nun who was a teacher at an institution of the same diocese.

Father Manoj Karimpuzhi of Chemperi committed the sin of love making with a married woman.

Father Shito Alappad took wife of the son of a prominent businessman. The list is growing by the day.

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