Killing elephants was not Hindu tradition? Its scripts say a different story.

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During the Mahabharat war the Kaurav army was fighting the Pandav army. Krishna was leading the Kaurav army. When he saw that Drona was killing pandav’s army by the troops, for the benefit of the Kauravs the entire Kaurav camp felt it moral draining out. Then Krishna suggested a strategy.
He said, ‘You guys kill that elephant by thrashing its head.’
What was the name of the elephant? Ashwatthama. Drona had a son by the same name.

Then Bheem smashed the head of that elephant. He fell down, with blood pumping from his head, lots of female elephants cried in horror. It was their beloved lover that had been killed.
When the elephant trumpeted in pain, Bhima speared his gada into the creatures mouth, so that the sound didn’t come out which might provoke the other elephants in their own troops which would be embarrassing and make the their army vulnerable.
Now Yudhishtir could tell his guru that Aswathatma was killed, and his guru, Drona believed it since it was said none other than Yudhishtir, who never lied in his entire lifetime.

The plot worked well. Drona withdrew himself from the war crying out for his son.
Muni Sandeepani described all the horrible pain the elephant underwent to Drawpati.
Drawpati questioned her husband for the cruelty towards an animal, when he came home.
Next day Bhim asked Sandeepani to come close to him so that he can share a secret. Sandeepani came, and Bhima hit his stomach with his thumb nail powering its way into the latter’s heat. Sandeepani died on the spot.

Now we can turn to a different occasion:

Lord Shiva was a manic with the beauty of his wife, Parvati. He used to take a look of her hiding in a secret place while she was bathing. Parvati didn’t like it as every woman would. To get rid of her husband’s annoyance she made a boy from the dirt she collected from her own body while washing herself. It was a handsome boy indeed.
She asked him to guard the gate of her bathing pool, and demanded him that he admit nobody whilst she was taking a bath there.

Now Shiv, who know nothing of all these came as usual seeing that it was time for Parvati to bath. He saw a boy blocking his way. He asked him to stay away from his way. But the boy didn’t do so.
A fierce battle followed, that saw the boy get beheaded by the husband of his mom.
When Parvati came to know about the death of her son, she became so furious that she began to curse the universe to ashes.
Then all other gods came running to her and implored that she remain calm and save the universe from her fire of ire.

She wanted her boy back alive. Then Brahma asked other gods that they find a head which will be joined to the body of the body. They started to looking for one, and seeing an elephant roaming in the wild they approached it. Lord Vishnu beheaded the creature with his sudarshan chakra.
Now they came back to the abode of the divine couple, Kailash, and the transplanting was done by Bhrama as he suggested.
The boy was back to life again but with an elephant head.
Nobody cared about what happened to the elephant that lost its head.

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