Masjid council decides not to open masjid despite government nod

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Palayam Muslim Jama-at took an exemplary stand that its masjid be closed even while the government is allowing all houses of worship in the country to have worshipers on keeping regulations prescribed by it enforced strictly.

The council came to such an odd stand considering that the masjid would be visited by large number of followers who might be total strangers, since it is located in the heart of the city that is being visited my hundreds of people unknown to each other. Here is the full English text of the Malayalam press note of the masjid council.

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Musjid need not be open

The majority of people who come to the Palayam Jama Masjit to offer their prayers are strangers and travelers, owing to it being situated in the centre of the city of Thiruvananthapruam.  

It would be difficult to set up special arrangement for those who come to pray here abiding by the regulations issued by the government to contain COVID19.

Considering the prevailing situation, the council has decided at the meeting convened today not to open the masjid till the situation changed.   


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