Priest enjoys sex in the church with a parish woman taking advantage of Corona

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A priest in Idukki district of Kerala has been found in a compromising position with a lady. He was sighted engaging with that woman by the parishioners themselves. This incident happened in a Catholic church at Vellayamkudi of Kattappana. The parish priest of this church, Fr James Mangalassery, was taking chance of the occasion of lock down where all the churches have been closed down according to the government direction.

It is said that the priest had invited the lady to the church which he found a safe place to have his free will.

This happened in a time that was real hard for the churches in Kerala and elsewhere to save their faces with the cases of sex scandals popping up one after another.  

Recently a priest had threatened those people who spread news of such sex scandals of the churches on social media with taking legal actions.

Even after the church remained closed during the lockdown, a lady kept visiting the church, which some parish people noticed as unusual.  They kept a vigil on the lady and tracked her movements to find out what was going on. Later she was found having sex with the priest right in front of the altar of the church.

The lady is married to another man and a mother of two. It is also learned that the priest had such affairs with several woman of the same parish.

Those people who caught the preset in a compromising position reported the incident to the church authorities.

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