God countries are affected most, while atheist ones are fighting COVID19 effectively, a global trend

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God-countries are affected most, and they are struggling hard to recover, interestingly atheist ones are fighting the pandemic effectively, this seems a global trend.

Let us start from Kerala State. It is being ruled by a political party that doesn’t believe in god. The State is professionally and scientifically fighting the virus with remarkable success that is being celebrated not only in national media, the international media too is carrying its exceptional success story. Contrast to this most States in India, ruled by far-right wing parties in particular like Gujarat, have been going through a troubled time since the outbreak of Corona virus.

Though Tamil Nadu is under the administration of a political party that was initially supposed to profess atheism, now the people in power from this party are not atheists, they are avid believers of god. This State is among the ones so badly affected.

God versus Corona

What is happening in the Middle East is just another case to this contention. All these nations are being ruled by a rather theocratic administration. Yet it seems that god is of no use to them during the testing times. Mecca, the epicenter of the faithful, has closed down and a re-opening still remains a question.

In the Western world, United States of America is regarded as the country with most people believing in god, with the rest of them having fewer people who believe in god.  In contract to this stark fact, the USA is now suffering so critically from the pandemic; it is the country with the largest number of people affected and thus died with COVID19 anywhere in the world.

Italy is another interesting case. This country is literally the feeder country of Vatican, which is the capital of Christianity. Now the world knows what has happened to Italy.

South Korea is another case on this line; it is one of those countries with considerable number of atheists among the far-eastern world. South Korea is leading the world in victoriously fighting the modern-time plague, with its approaches and actions. It still is a shining example for the rest of the world both in containing the disease and treating the affected in an effective and humane manner.

Some religious people keep saying that Corona is the punishment by god to the human race that has turned away from his path. It is assumable that god is only interested in punishing  people that believed him.  

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