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Important Notice! Our followers on social media like Facebook and Twitter are requested to read our Post Policy.

  1. We manage pages with the title Nastik Nation that publish anti-religion, and essentially atheist contents on Facebook and elsewhere in social media, as the name itself clearly suggests. We criticize all forms of faith based irrationality of religion, politics, spirituality and cults. So if you find the elements that appear on the timeline of these fan-pages abusive, biased or violent, kindly do not follow them. In such cases, use the appropriate buttons to unfollow or unlike them.
  2. We allow criticism of every kind for all the posts hereon. We neither delete those negative comments nor do we ban the person who makes such comments on these pages and handles; however provocative or abusive those comments are.  We never delete the original posts once published there, save a good number of followers demand the same.
  3. Nastik Nation allows open discussions and debates on the contents published on its social media accounts, so deleting comments and banning persons never happen. We don’t see our own contents as holly and indisputable. Encouraging discussions and debates is central to our policy.
  4. If you find that only some religions and faiths are being criticized by us so often, for instance, Hinduism,  the reason may be that it is the religion of the majority in our country and other faiths such as Islam and Christianity are globally practiced and are being disputed and questioned all over the world; which are available readily too.

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