Morality in ‘Ram Rajya’

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In the court of Rama all are illegitimate!
In Rama-rajya, a poor Shudra woman got pregnant. She was a widow. It was a peculiar incident in Rama-rajya that a widow, that too a shudra woman, got pregnant! It was being termed as a curse and a blot on Rama-rajya. It had become the talk of the town that a poor untouchable widow has got pregnant. It was a “crime” of a great degree and the criminal was bound to be dealt with firmly. The punishment becomes harsher if the criminal comes from a Shudra community.
With the passage of time, the news spread like a wild-fire and the news reached the Court of Rama by way of a petition. Having taken cognizance of the crime, the lady was summoned to the Court of Rama. Here are the Court proceedings :
“Lord” Rama: Tell me the name of the father of the child in your womb?
The Lady: It is not possible for me to reveal the name of the father of my unborn child because he is an influential Savarna who may kill me and my family.
“Lord” Rama: Are you not aware of the punishment? You could be punished with life imprisonment for the crime.
The Lady: Yes, Your Honor. I’m aware of the punishment.
When the lady remained adamant not to reveal the name of the father of her unborn child, Rama ordered death sentence for the “crime”!!!
On the penultimate day, the lady was produced in the Court of Rama and asked for her last desire by Vashishth, the Guru and the head priest of Rama’s family.
Vashishth: What is your last desire before your death?
The lady: The lady politely said that all of her desires were vanished after the death of her husband. You do whatever you like, she replied.
Vashishth: As a matter of the tradition of the Raghukula, you will have to tell your last desire.
(On being insisted upon to disclose her last desire, as a matter of tradition of the Raghukula, by Vashishth, the Head priest of Rama’s family…)
The lady: I have not revealed the name of the father of my unborn child due to the certain reasons beyond my control and got capital punishment. Could you please tell the name of your father Vashishth Ji, as matter of my last desire?!
(Vashishth got stunned because it was in the air that Vashishth was born to a Vaishya (Prostitute). Before he could say anything, “Lord” Rama got furious and came in between.)
“Lord” Rama: How dare you question the credentials of our Guruji by asking his father’s name? Your head will be beheaded!
The Lady: You do whatever you like but it is my last desire to know the name of the Father of your guru. “Lord” Rama, why are you so furious? If your Guru ji could not tell his father’s name, you please tell your father’s name!
At this, Rama had no reply because he and his brothers were born to their respective mothers by “partaking fruit or Kheer” (which is an euphemism for you know what!) Rama and his brothers were illegitimate and were said to have been born to their respective mothers by virtue of niyoga, as the king Dasaratha, their so-called father was an impotent person!
With this remark from a Shudra woman, Lakshmana burst into anger and warned the lady of making her body a sieve with arrows. The lady politely reminded Lakshmana that it was out of her last desire for which she was compelled to. Moreover, the Shudra woman asked Lakshmana to let the Court know the name of his father if his elder brother failed to reveal. Lakshmana got ashamed of himself because he knew that he too was a bastard but the queen Sita, Ram’s wife could not contain her anger when the question of the reputation of her beloved Brother-in-law (Devar) too was put to stake. Sita warned the lady that her head shall be beheaded if she dared to raise her finger towards her beloved devar (brother-in-law) Lakshmana.
But the Shudra lady was not deterred of the outcome because the capital punishment was already ordered by Lord Rama, the husband of Sita. She politely asked Sita to reveal the name of her own father if her Rama, Lakshmana, and the chief priest of Raghukula failed. Everybody was aware that Sita, the wife of Lord Rama was also a bastard as she was found in the earth by Janaka while ploughing the field! Sita’s head bowed down.
But Hanumaan, the greatest slave of Rama, who had a lot of respect for Rama and Sita-Mata appeared on the scene and threatened the Shudra Lady with dire consequences, but the lady undeterred of her fate challengingly asked Hanumaan to let her know the name of his father! Nobody knew the name of the father of Hanumaan (the monkey God) and he was simply called the same “Son of the air”(Pawan Putra) & as such he was also a bastard in the court of Rama.
At the end of the proceedings of the Court of Rama, the poor Shudra woman sarcastically remarked, “How can you hang me alone whereas all of you are illegitimate too?”

P. S. : This is not a post chiding or ridiculing illegitimate conceptions but only against the hypocrisy.

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