God has no place in the creation of universe, it created itself – Reasoning of Hawking

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India is the most racist country in the world – not experiences, fair skin product ads – survey verifies

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Valmiki and Vyasa – Hindutwa supporters say they were low caste; Hindu scripts say they were no lesser than Brahmins

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The Spectrum of Atheism – If you were to grade your beliefs on the Dawkins scale, what would be your class?

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Killing elephants was not Hindu tradition? Its scripts say a different story.

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The Hadis dilemma

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Premarital Sex

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God countries are affected most, while atheist ones are fighting COVID19 effectively, a global trend

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COVID 19 and Science Denialism

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HRD Minister says education policy will be based on vedic knowledge; RSS Joint Secretary says non-veg is the root cause of COVID

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