Issue arrest warrant against rapist Bishop Franco: former judge asks Chief Justice of Kerala High Court

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No sindhur, no mangalyasutra: netizens mock the Guwahati High Court by sharing their couple pictures with no mark of wedding; they point out Nagpur Court order against ‘marks’

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Criminality of Baba Ramdev even before Coronil

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Dream World of a Terrorist

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Baba’s bogus remedy for Covid-19: Prof Dr Narendra Nayak, president of Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, urges Central govt to assume action

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Activist Rahna allows her son to paint on her naked body, all moral policing fumes out, they move legally against her

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Cinema sensation: was it Mopla mutiny or Malabar revolution? What was the role of religion there?

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KK Shailaja, Kerala Health Minister, gets honoured by the UN for her decisive fight on Covid19; She is the only from any SAARC countries, not just India

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Govt of India promotes dangerous superstitions using its Ayush Ministry, in the name and time of a pandemic

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Kerala Christian fanatics barge into the house of freethinking Justin V S, abuse and attack him

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